2019-20 Project Summary


To abide by the established qualifications for nationwide PTA Enrichment Program status, all Robert Eagle Staff Middle School students were invited to participate in our production of ??? All who expressed interest were asked to review the About and Calendar pages to understand the program prior to committing and all ??? who auditioned were secured in the company. We specifically chose a script that included acting, singing and dancing, exposing the company to a full musical theatre experience. The number of roles were expanded from the original ??? to accommodate all students interested in participating and every effort was made to balance the roles and creatively interpret the script as much as possible within the legal constraints of our license agreement. Cast members were asked to pay dues which covered the cost of a cast t-shirt and a costume to keep. Each cast member received quality music, acting, and dance training over the course of ??? months and performed for live audiences. Stage crew were asked to pay dues which covered the cost of a crew t-shirt and uniform to keep. All ??? who registered were secured in the company and received hands-on theatre production experience over the course of ??? months and performed for live audiences. Scholarships were available to any company member who requested so that all interested had the opportunity to participate. We had ??? shows, performing to ??? audience members in ??? days.

All adults in our RESMS community were invited to participate as Volunteers to plan the production and the RESMSPTA board received an open invitation to attend any planning meetings which were posted on the Calendar throughout the length of the production run. All major decisions related to casting, creative direction, rehearsals, schedules, budget, volunteering, etc. were made by the Producer and Director with support from the volunteers. Two anonymous surveys were offered; one to our RESMS families and a second to our Volunteers which accompanied our project critique meeting in ??? to invite constructive feedback and ideas for improvement and change to best support our ever-evolving school community. Information collected was reviewed this year and will be again at the beginning of next year's production. 

Company families received pertinent information through the length of the production via the weekly company email, also available on the NEWS page, and all events were posted on the Calendar. Every inquiry that was submitted in person or through emails, texts, and phone calls received a response. Gratitude was expressed throughout the production via the NEWS, ListServe, playbills, recognition at the Company Party, and personal thank you notes.



Scholarships for dues and subsidized tickets were available to our RESMS community so that anyone interested had the opportunity to participate. All music direction, and choreography as well as design services for sets, props, costumes, hair/makeup, lighting, photography, videography, and graphic design were generously donated by volunteers within the school community. Donations and significant discounts were procured for as many materials as possible so that the project respected the RESMSPTA-approved budget. Production costs were covered by ticket, photo & video sales and dues for the sole purpose of creating quality, relevant theatre arts experiences for company and audience members alike.

Research proves that we offered a more thorough musical theatre experience to our students, school community, and audience members at considerably less cost to our families than provided by other schools locally and throughout the city of Seattle. All money generated went directly to the RESMSPTA to pay for production costs; Any monies not used for this program were absorbed into the general RESMSPTA fund to benefit the entire school community. TAG is a 100% financially self-reliant program.


A Note of Thanks

We are grateful for this opportunity to have engaged the Robert Eagle Staff Middle School community, amazing students, staff, and families. We extend heartfelt thanks to all who participated in the ??? adventure in any way and to the RESMSPTA for sponsoring this program.