All participants are expected to behave in a respectful and responsible manner to adults and students alike at all activities. Rules, expectations, and consequences that apply during school hours apply at all events, regardless of time or location. All participants must submit a signed Behavior Policy prior to attending any events after callbacks. Expectations for behavior will be discussed with the company at Orientation.


Registration & Dues

All participating students must register by the deadline through Registration. Registering constitutes a family commitment that your company member(s) will attend every event for which they are scheduled. Should a company member decide not to participate in the production within 2 weeks of having registered, a full refund will be given. Should a student choose to leave the production after two weeks of registration or if they are asked to leave the production for not abiding by the established behavior expectations, no refund will be given. Please contact us if you are interested in available scholarships.

Cast Members

Current students in all grades are invited to participate as cast members in the musical production where they will perform on stage in front of live audiences.


Stage Crew

Current students who are not in the cast may participate as stage crew to learn backstage theatre skills and work in the wings during rehearsals and performances.


Parent/Guardian Commitment

Parents/guardians are asked to volunteer a minimum of ten (10) shifts sometime during the production run, either providing behind-the-scenes service (may be done anytime at home) or attending rehearsals, Super Saturdays &/or during show week. Available shifts will be available through our Volunteers page.


All students who desire to be in the cast must register, sign up for an audition time, then audition. Click here to review the Audition Process and the Calendar for dates, times, and locations. We take many thoughtful, compassionate steps to make the necessary casting element a positive experience for all. Note: Auditions are open events; families are encouraged to attend.



Some students being considered for specific roles may be invited back for callbacks, a second opportunity for the casting team to see them prior to making final casting decisions. Note: Callbacks are by invitation only and will be closed events; only the actors scheduled will be allowed to attend. 


Cast Posting

All students who audition will be cast in the musical, their roles listed in order of appearance on the Cast Posting page. Each actor is thoughtfully considered and cast in a role in which they are the most suited and best able to shine, based on auditions and, if applicable, callbacks. 



Orientation introduces all company members to our script, theatre basics and the Behavior Policy. Expectations for attendance, work ethic and behavior will be discussed.


We receive a limited number of scripts, thus not all cast members will receive one. All lyrics and lines needed by actors who do not receive scripts will be made available as needed for at-home memorization and rehearsing. Please be assured that your role is very important, even if you don't get a script.


All weekday rehearsals will start in the Lunchroom immediately after school with prompt pick-up. Company members are encouraged to bring a nut-free snack to enjoy before being escorted to rehearsal. Please respect our rehearsal team and fellow company members; attendance for all events for which you are called is expected and parents/guardians must confirm attendance with their teachers in advance. Company members may only attend rehearsals for which they are called. Refer to the Calendar for dates, times, and locations. 



Company members will receive a company email each Friday during the rehearsal season, also available on our website anytime on our News page. Feel free to Contact us too. Note: You will not receive company correspondence until you register. Once registered, please check that these emails are not being sent to your 'promotions' or 'junk' folders.


Costumes, Hair and Make-up

An integral aspect of theatre is to explore and portray characters that are different than one’s self. Costumes, make-up and hairstyles/wigs are appropriately used in our productions with the sincere intent of supporting actors’ transformations into their roles and greatly contributes to the theatre “magic” that the actors love. All hair styles, makeup and costumes will be culturally sensitive and appropriate in our current climate and considering the diversity of our school community.

Company Photos

We take photos of the company to provide mementos of your experience. They may be used in the playbill and for promotional purposes as well. Families will be notified when the photos are available for purchase. Note: This will be a closed photo shoot; No one will be allowed into the photo session except for those being photographed at their scheduled time slot and the scheduled volunteers. 


School Assembly

The school assembly is a preview of the musical— a teaser for the rest of the school as well as providing valuable experience for the company to perform for a live audience.


Show Week

Show week consists of dress rehearsals, performances, then strike. It is a very busy time. Please respect fellow company members; Prompt attendance is expected for all. Note: Dress rehearsals will be closed; only those scheduled will be allowed to attend. 

Ticket Sales

Each person attending the show (not including lap children under the age of 2) must pay for admission. A link to ticket sales will be posted as performance dates approach. Note: Please contact us if you are interested in available subsidized tickets.


Company Party

All company members and their families are invited to celebrate a job well done at our company party. This promises to be loads of fun and a great way to say "farewell" to our musical family (sniff, sniff). A link to sign up will be posted on the Calendar.


Volunteer Opportunities

All RESMS adults are invited to support this production - no prior experience needed. For more information, visit our Volunteer page. All volunteers must abide by SPS & RESMSPTA volunteer procedures. Note: Adult/family participation has no bearing on casting decisions.