Audition Prep

All actors interested in auditioning for this year's musical are asked to review this page and watch the short video attached to help them prepare for auditions. All of this information will be reviewed at the audition workshops.


  • Choose the song clip and line that you feel the most comfortable presenting from our Song/Line Choices page.

  • Memorize and practice your choice of song clip and line before your audition. Try to become the character who's song/line you are performing.

  • Wear clothing and shoes in which you can comfortably dance. No sandals or bare feet.

  • Respect the volunteers, casting team, and fellow actors.

  • Be on your best behavior. The casting team is observing your actions from the moment you arrive at check-in until you exit the audition, noting your abilities in spoken dictation, singing, dance/movement, stage presence and behavior/concentration.

  • Applaud for fellow actors when they are done performing.



  • Actors will be escorted into the audition in groups no larger than ten.

  • When invited to perform, step forward and introduce yourself by saying:

 “Hello! My name is _______ and I will be performing _______’s line.”

  • When invited to sing your song excerpt, say:

 “I will be singing _______ from _______.

  • If you make a mistake, just keep going. The casting team will respect your ability to pull yourself through.

  • After you finish, no matter what happened, smile and say “thank you”.

  • Let your personality shine and mostly… have fun!