Step 1: Understand

Please review the About and Calendar to decide if this commitment is right for your family.


Step 2: Register

All students who audition will be cast in the musical and must register prior to attending auditions through our online Registration


Step 3: Sign up for auditions

Once you've registered, sign up for an audition call time through the link at the top of your registration confirmation (via email). See the Calendar for details.


Step 4: Prepare

Choose one song and one line from our Song/Line Choices and watch the choreo video also found on that page. Practice and come to auditions prepared to perform. To understand the audition process and learn how to prepare, click here.


Step 5: Attend auditions

Arrive at auditions at your audition call time. Auditions will be done in small groups and will take one hour. They will be taught a few dance steps to perform as a group. Then each actor will be asked to present one song excerpt and line individually.

Parents/Guardians may stay with their actors in the hall while waiting for audition call times. We will be holding open auditions, meaning that parents/guardians are invited to observe. Please turn off cell phones and refrain from talking during auditions. Do not "coach" your actors during auditions as it is distracting to all involved. Encouraging smiles and appropriate applause is most welcome. 


Step 6: Attend callbacks (if invited)

Actors being considered for specific roles may be invited to attend callbacks as listed on the Callbacks page by the dates listed on the Calendar


Step 7: Find out your role

 To find out your role, check the Company Posting by the date listed on the Calendar.