Casting Procedures

It is the Casting Team's responsibility to designate casting assignments for each year's production. This team consists of the Director (1 vote), Music Director (1 vote), and Choreographers (1 collective vote) with the Producer and Equity Team Liaison observing. The following is sent to the casting team prior to auditions and read aloud together at the start of the casting discussion:

  • All discussions in this forum are confidential and not to be shared with anyone outside of the Casting Team.

  • All actors are to be treated fairly and respectfully.

  • The Casting Team thoughtfully considers each actor individually, confirming their name, casting number, and photo, then refers to their audition evaluation form to consider role placement.

  • Casting decisions must be based on the current year’s performance at auditions and, where applicable, callbacks based on the following qualities:

    • Spoken dictation

    • Singing

    • Dance/Movement

    • Stage presence

    • Behavior

  • Experience from past productions - specifically behavior and work ethic - may be considered to reinforce decisions only.

  • Abiding by SPS's Equity and Compliance Policy, casting decisions will not be based on age/grade, sex, race, creed, color, religion, ancestry, or national origin.

  • Casting team members may not contribute to casting decisions with regards to their own children or actors with whom they are close friends. Casting Team members and the Producer are to keep each other in check on this throughout the casting process.

  • Consider reoccurring & long-term absences for leading roles as they require a greater family commitment.

  • Be conscious of casting "red flags" as noted by the Equity Liaison.

  • Should there not be an unanimous decision, majority rules.

  • The Equity Liaison observes the casting discussion to ensure that casting decisions are considered with care from an equity and representation standpoint.

  • The Producer oversees the casting discussion, ensures the casting team adheres by the policies herein, and gives final approval before the Cast Posting goes live.

  • Should cast members or their parents want to discuss casting assignments, please direct them to the Producer or Director.